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Tiny humidifier works with any water bottle


The Amazing Humidifier is a travel-sized device that creates water vapor from a store-bought bottle of water.

Carrying a full-size humidifier with you when you travel isn’t particularly convenient. If you still don’t want to dry out while sleeping in your hotel room, however, there is an option.  a tiny humidifier that can be placed in whatever bottle of water is close at hand.

Called the Amazing Humidifier, the device is powered by the user’s laptop or by a phone charger, via a USB-to-mini-USB cable.

The humidifier consists of a main unit which rests on top of the water bottle, with a detachable 1.5 cm-long core which extends down into the water. Once powered up, the device draws water through that wick-like core, dispensing it into the air as vapor at a rate of 30 ml per hour. At that rate, a 500-ml bottle of water should be more than sufficient for one night – the humidifier automatically shuts off after eight hours of continuous use.

The core doubles as a filter, and should be replaced approximately once every three months – obviously, that’s going to vary greatly with the amount of use it gets.

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